Our approach

New products are always on our minds,  not only do we welcome your suggestions,  but we have a plan for release of new products stretching into the next few years. Forfront in our minds is the efficacy and thorough testing we require to meet our standards as well as Iinternational Pharmacological Standards.


Our product development department have a list of future products, each currently undergoing exhaustive planning and development, followed by sampling and the stringent testing required for us to produce skin care products to international pharmacological standards.


If you could imagine an apple, fresh from the tree, slightly chilled, unbroken skin, scent of freshness and just waiting for you to take your first mouthful.....so should be your anticipation for LB Lanolin skin care products.  Fresh, revitalising , moisturising and hydrating, restorative and above all, leaving you with a feeling of delight and vivacity, just like a fresh apple!


Exceptional know-how, unique products, pioneering techniques, exclusive compounds, technical breakthroughs and well researched organics knowledge: the best science has to offer is concentrated in a complete range of targeted products for face and body, now available around the world.