Our expertise

LB Lanolin is produced using years of hard earned experience from our entire team.  Not only the expertise and qualifications from  the laboratory,  but we need help from the packaging team, the designers and artists, the quality control team as well as of course our retailers and distributors and other departments.

On our own we progress, as a team we succeed.


How can one accurately measure the level of experience and knowledge that goes into the design and development of LB Lanolin products?


Having years of family knowledge and experience in lanolin based skin care is certainly an asset and one we use widely, but we also need the knowledge that comes with years of laboratory testing of all the components  that go into making up LB Lanolin products. Even from certified suppliers, component testing is undertaken for each production.


We employ the technology in the laboratory as well as production and packaging lines. Latest equipment and efficient technologies in filling lines means a better outcome for the product, as well as a more efficient cycle. We use self checking filling machinery, enabling accuracy of contents, weight and the ability to automatically discard faulty product


The team at LB Lanolin are certainly well versed in all aspects of lanolin and skin moisturising technologies, having recently calculated that the combined experience between the senior team members and the family is a remarkable 201 years (as at 2014) This is remarkable in that we have within our organisation some terribly clever team members. Remember lanolin is beauty


The camaraderie within the team is a pleasure to observe, not only because interspersed in our organisation are family members,  but also due to the well qualified and experienced 'outsiders' who've joined us in this journey, bringing to LB Lanolin their own specialised knowledge in a diverse range of fields.