Origins of Lanolin

Origin of Lanolin

Origin of Lanolin
Sheep's wool is a natural fibre with several valuable uses. Sheep are shorn every year to keep them healthier and happier. Lanolin is obtained from the wool of the sheep in a completely cruelty free way and there is no animal testing conducted during the sheering processes. This shorn wool is where wool grease (lanolin) is derived once it has been sent to a scrubbing factory where cleaning or 'scouring' of the wool occurs. Scouring is the process of washing the natural grease from the wool. Natural wool grease protects the sheep from the harsh elements and extreme weather conditions by aiding sheep in shedding water from their coats. Certain breeds of sheep produce large amounts of lanolin, and the extraction can be performed by squeezing the wool between rollers. Most or all of the wool grease is removed from wool when it is processed into textiles such as yarn or felt. The raw wool grease is then refined into many different grades of lanolin. The lanolin used in LB LANOLIN is of the highest standard called modified pharmaceutical grade lanolin.  It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and fully biodegradable. It is environmentally friendly and one of nature's renewable resources.

Natural Healing Capabilities
Lanolin is qualified as natural oil for replenishing depleted lipids from the intercellular spaces of the skin. It is nearly identical to the skins naturally occurring oils which is why it is perfect for replenishing depleted oil levels in the skin. 

It is composed of non-charged or non-ionic, hydrophilic particles that are ideally suited to the chemical composition of intercellular spaces. This characteristic allows lanolin to pass freely and easily to the deepest layers of the epidermis. Lanolin is chiefly a mixture of cholesterol and the esters of several fatty acids. Lanolin protects the cells that act as the epidermis barrier, which prevents moisture depletion, yet also allows breathing.

The Safety of Lanolin

The majority of lanolin used in most cosmetics is contaminated with organo-phosphate pesticides and insecticides. The lanolin used in LB LANOLIN products is entirely safe and virtually pesticide free at less than 40 parts per million of all impurities.  This is why the lanolin in LB LANOLIN products in called hypoallergenic pharmaceutical grade lanolin. Any parasitic control agent applied to the sheep to prevent distress or suffering of the animals is completely removed by the process of modern refining. Refined Lanolin is considered more pure than most foods we consume. LB LANOLIN is guaranteed to be made of nature's purest form of ingredients. 

Recent studies indicate that antibiotics are also present in the lanolin. These natural antibiotics help aid in the healing of dry cracked skin, feet, lips and nails. Lanolin is insoluble in water and absorbs into the skin, taking with it the other nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals in all the natural ingredients of LB LANOLIN. These qualities make LB LANOLIN perfect for people that frequently wash their hands, such as doctors and nurses.

Organic Lanolin?
We receive frequent questions about "organic" lanolin. Other companies may claim that they sell organic lanolin but it is our view that there is no such thing. Sheep like to play and roll around in their open fields and while the sheep are having fun, their woolly coats accumulate insects. This necessitates insecticide dips once in a while that are essential to preserve the health of the animal and the quality of the wool. Currently, there is no alternative to these dips. In LB LANOLIN products, our lanolin is purified to the point where insecticide traces are undetectable; however, this does not make the product "organic." Our view is that "organic" means never exposed to artificial chemicals, not that chemicals have been removed by purification. Is there an alternative? Probably not, because it would mean confining the sheep indoors and not in their beloved open fields; something we would see as inhumane and unimaginable. Our product is as pure as it can be with the most advanced purification technologies available.