skin brightening cream with daisy flower

LB Lanolin is pleased to announce the release of our skin brightening cream with daisy flower.

There are several benefits to the skin brightening cream, not the least of which is that with gentle and regular application, skin blemishes and subtle discolourations can be brightened over time. The application of daisy flower extract,  again one of the natural organically derived ingredients essential in the make-up of all LB Lanolin products, means there are no harsh chemicals involved in this gentle product.

BELLIS PERENNIS (DAISY) FLOWER EXTRACT: Also known as English Daisy, it is native to western, central and northern Europe and is widely naturalized in North America. The extract is prepared from the daisy flower blossoms and is high in saponins, polyphenols and polysaccharides. This extract inhibits tyrosinase activity due to the antioxidative and free radical scavenging effects of the polyphenol fraction. In studies, it has demonstrated excellent skin lightening and brightening results and is well suited to the care of oily and blemished skin.